The Creation (1935) by Aaron Douglas

The Creation - Aaron Douglas - 1935

Artwork Information

TitleThe Creation
ArtistAaron Douglas
Art MovementArt Deco, Synthetic Cubism
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About The Creation

The Creation, created in 1927 by Aaron Douglas, is a significant painting in African-American art. It is part of a series of paintings for James Weldon Johnson’s book of Negro spirituals, God’s Trombones. Douglas, who was a leader in the Harlem Renaissance movement that helped bring it to national prominence, utilized African-centric imagery in his work to address social issues around race and segregation in the United States. The modern style of painting used by Douglas is characterized by tints and shades of color, silhouette shapes, and radiating concentric circles. The Creation depicts an image based on the biblical story of creation; however, it features African elements such as deities with animal heads and people with Egyptian-styled clothing. The combination of Western experiences with non-Western traditions elevated both styles to an avant-garde level. Douglas revolutionized African-American art with his style and subjects. He focused on subjects that were ignored or misrepresented before the Harlem Renaissance movement. His artwork celebrated Black history while addressing racial injustices at the same time. Furthermore, He gained inspiration from various cultures worldwide to create profound messages through his art. In conclusion, The Creation by Aaron Douglas has significance not only as a piece of artwork but also as cultural representation during a particular period where race was still an issue globally. Douglas utilized forms from diverse cultures inspiring others for years after he passed away because African-Americans sought better representation than they had previously seen before him in their respective worlds showcased utterly through their visual arts industry.

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