The Crossing (1913) by Leon Spilliaert

The Crossing - Leon Spilliaert - 1913

Artwork Information

TitleThe Crossing
ArtistLeon Spilliaert
Mediumpastel,colored pencils
Dimensions90 x70 cm
Art MovementExpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About The Crossing

“The Crossing,” a work by the artist Leon Spilliaert dated to 1913, is a pastel and colored pencil creation aligned with the Expressionist movement. It measures 90 by 70 cm and is categorized as a portrait. This artwork is part of a private collection and reflects the characteristic style and thematic concerns of its creator, who was known for his evocative and often moody visual narratives.

The artwork presents a singular figure standing on what appears to be a promenade or pier, enveloped by the darkness of the attire against a backdrop of a twilight seascape. The subject is positioned centrally, facing forward, with arms crossed, creating a strong focal point. In typical Expressionist fashion, the mood conveyed by the handling of light and shadow, as well as the haunting expression on the figure’s face, evokes an intense emotional response. Foreboding skies and the tranquil, albeit stark, seas further underscore an atmosphere of introspection and solitude, hallmarks of Spilliaert’s artistic oeuvre.

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