The Crucifixion with St. Mary Magdalen (c. 1500) by Luca Signorelli

The Crucifixion with St

Artwork Information

TitleThe Crucifixion with St. Mary Magdalen
ArtistLuca Signorelli
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions247 x 165 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationUffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy
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About The Crucifixion with St. Mary Magdalen

The Crucifixion with St. Mary Magdalen is an oil on canvas masterpiece by Italian Renaissance painter, Luca Signorelli. Completed around 1500, the painting measures 247 x 165 cm and is currently located at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. The work is a religious painting that features a profound symbol of Christianity – the cross.

In the painting, we see Mary Magdalene standing at the foot of the cross, looking up at Jesus Christ being crucified. Signorelli’s use of foreshortening adds depth to this dramatic scene and enhances our emotional connection to the crucifixion event taking place. Signorelli was known for his mastery as a draftsman and we can see this in his attention to detail and precise rendition of human anatomy.

Despite its powerful artistic qualities, The Crucifixion with St. Mary Magdalen is considered a late autograph work by Signorelli art historians due to its slight deviation from his earlier style. It was part of the collection seized from Florence’s suppressed monasteries and convents during Napoleon’s campaign in Italy when it was acquired by Uffizi Gallery.

Overall, The Crucifixion with St. Mary Magdalen exemplifies Signorelli’s technical talents and ability to convey emotion through his artwork while providing us with an intimate glimpse into one of Christianity’s most important events – Jesus’ death on the cross.

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