The Cyclops (c. 1914) by Odilon Redon

The Cyclops - Odilon Redon - c.1898 - c.1900

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TitleThe Cyclops
ArtistOdilon Redon
Datec.1898 - c.1900
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions51 x 64 cm
Art MovementSymbolism
Current LocationKröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo, Netherlands
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About The Cyclops

The Cyclops, created by French artist Odilon Redon in around 1914, is a famous painting of Symbolism. The artwork portrays Polyphemus, the most prominent Cyclops in Greek mythology, as a wild and menacing creature hunting and consuming its victims. Redon’s imaginative work depicts a dream world inhabited by fairies, monsters, spirits, and other fantasy figures.

The painting showcases features of impressionism, romanticism, and modernism in a single piece alongside its strong political message during an era when tensions were high. The painting’s colors are strikingly vivid with contrasting shades of blue and orange setting the scene for Polyphemus’ antagonistic presence.

Redon is a French Symbolist artist known for his imaginative art in pastel drawing techniques as well as oils and lithography methods. He often blends different artistic styles to create his unique visions that straddles both worlds of reality and fantasy.

In summary, “The Cyclops” is an extraordinary piece that showcases the imagination of Odilon Redon during the late nineteenth-century period when symbolism was at its peak. It is one of the finest representations of how the movement favored sub-conscious themes born out abstract designs to showcase political messages from history or mythology using color hues that blend impressionism with elements derived from romanticism or modernist trends.

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