The Daughter of Jephtha (study) (1859 – 1860) by Edgar Degas

The Daughter of Jephtha (study) - Edgar Degas - 1859 - 1860

Artwork Information

TitleThe Daughter of Jephtha (study)
ArtistEdgar Degas
Date1859 - 1860
Dimensions36.2 x 27.8 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About The Daughter of Jephtha (study)

“The Daughter of Jephtha (study)” by Edgar Degas is an oil on canvas artwork created between 1859 and 1860. This work is a sketch and study, reflective of the Impressionist movement, though quite early compared to the main body of Impressionist work that would follow later. Measuring 36.2 x 27.8 cm, the piece resides in a private collection.

Analyzing the artwork, we observe a vibrant and somewhat chaotic scene. The figures are rendered with rapid, expressive brushstrokes that give a sense of movement and urgency. The strong diagonals and animated poses contribute to an overall dynamic composition. The color palette is earthy with splashes of more vivid colors, like the reds and blues, providing focal points throughout the piece. The background is somewhat nebulous and sketch-like, drawing the viewer’s attention toward the figures in the foreground. Given the title and the scene depicted, it likely illustrates a moment from the biblical story of Jephthah, suggesting it is a study for a larger or more detailed work, where the focal character may be the daughter amidst the turmoil of the narrative.

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