The Dining Room, Opus 152 (1886-7) by Paul Signac

The Dining Room, Opus 152 - Paul Signac - 1886-1887

Artwork Information

TitleThe Dining Room, Opus 152
ArtistPaul Signac
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions35 x 45 1/4 in. (89 x 115 cm)
Current LocationKroeller-Mueller Museum, Otterlo, The Netherlands

About The Dining Room, Opus 152

Paul Signac’s “The Dining Room” is an early pointillist masterpiece completed in 1887. The artist experiments with colors and their complementary pairs, particularly orange and blue. Instead of mixing colors on the palette, he strategically places small dots and smudges of color side by side on the canvas. The painting depicts a scene from bourgeois life, with an old man and a younger woman seated at a large round table covered in a white tablecloth.

In “The Dining Room,” Signac employs a dramatic light effect created by a backlit window, which creates silhouettes and strong contrasts of light and shade throughout the painting. Despite the simplicity of the scene, Signac’s use of color and light gives it a dynamic quality that captures the attention of viewers. Exhibited in 1887, the painting remains part of the permanent collection of the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo.

Overall, “The Dining Room” represents Signac’s innovative approach to pointillism, and his ability to bring new life to conventional subject matter through his use of color and light.

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