The Dinner Table (1896 – 1897) by Henri Matisse

The Dinner Table - Henri Matisse - 1896 - 1897

Artwork Information

TitleThe Dinner Table
ArtistHenri Matisse
Date1896 - 1897
Dimensions100 x 131 cm
Art MovementRealism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About The Dinner Table

The artwork titled “The Dinner Table” is an oil on canvas painting by Henri Matisse created during the years 1896 – 1897. It belongs to the Realism art movement and is considered a genre painting, reflecting a scene from everyday life. The piece measures 100 by 131 centimeters and is currently part of a private collection.

This particular artwork by Matisse depicts an interior scene focused on a dining table laden with various objects. There is a significant emphasis on the textures and colors of the items spread upon the table, which include a white tablecloth, clusters of fruits displayed in bowls, and an assortment of glassware that catches the natural light filtering into the room. A female figure anchors the composition, positioned to the right side of the table with her back partly turned towards the viewer as she attentively arranges a bouquet of white flowers in a vase. Her gesture and expression suggest a moment of domestic preparation or contemplation. The painter employs a muted and naturalistic color palette, while the representation of light and shadow conveys a sense of volume and space within the scene. The artwork’s intimate portrayal of the domestic setting and its attention to the sensory details of the objects and the figure’s engagement with her task are characteristic of the Realist movement’s dedication to representing the tangible experiences of everyday life.

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