The Discovery of Honey (c. 1505-1510) by Piero di Cosimo

The Discovery of Honey - Piero di Cosimo - c. 1505-1510

Artwork Information

TitleThe Discovery of Honey
ArtistPiero di Cosimo
Datec. 1505-1510
MediumOil on panel
Current LocationArt Museum, Worcester, MA

About The Discovery of Honey

The artwork “Bacchus discovering honey” by Piero Di Cosimo (Piero di Lorenzo) was created around 1505-1510. Piero di Cosimo was born in 1462 and died in 1521. It is an oil on panel painting that can be found in the Worcester Art Museum’s permanent collection. It measures at 31 1/2 X 50 5/8 inches and depicts a classical figure of Bacchus tasting a pot of honey as his watchful companion looks closely at the event.

This singular scene captures a moment as it seems to be frozen in time between Bacchus and his feathered companion, with all the drama of its discovery intact. The colors and light are dynamic, enhancing the impression of movement — both of discovery and joy — through the figures’ stances and expressions. The interaction between human and animal creates an engaging story which is able to be appreciated through time, drawing us into this small intimate moment where something new has been revealed.

Another notable artwork from this same era is Pablo Picasso’s “Woman And Child On The Seashore” completed in 1921. This artwork captures Picasso’s unique style during that period, applying abstract geometric shapes while representing traditional figures. Truly one of his masterpieces, this artwork is composed to create a sense of motion and emotion while exploring the relationships between the female figure, child, and seashore – making it undeniably beautiful yet powerful.

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