The Elements – Air (1982-83) by Sidney Goodman

The Elements - Air - Sidney Goodman - 1982-83

Artwork Information

TitleThe Elements - Air
ArtistSidney Goodman
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions96 x 75 in (243.8 x 190.5 cm)

About The Elements - Air

The Elements – Air is a masterpiece oil on canvas painting created by Sidney Goodman in 1982-83. Measuring 96 x 75 in (243.8 x 190.5 cm), the painting immaculately presents a balance between physical and spiritual realms of human experience through an array of swirling lines that go up to the sky and down to the ocean below.

Goodman is a figurative painter and draftsman from Philadelphia who received public notice in the early 1960s for his oil paintings and was included in the 1973 Whitney Biennial. His unique style involves exploring the naked human figure while shifting visual language, which he blends with shades of ambiguity and clarity, as well as richness of light and color.

The artist’s exploration of air as an element that creates transformations meant that The Elements – Air takes center stage showcasing how lines are used to distinguish different sunsets’ points using different aerial hues. Throughout this artwork, there’s an equilibrium that one could argue exists between lightness and darkness with precision never seen before. Indeed, this magnificent piece exemplifies Goodman’s ability to convey complex emotions with such vibrancy and detail—a true masterpiece worth contemplating for hours on end.

Overall, The Elements – Air stands out not only as another example of Goodman’s talent but also illustrates what can be achieved when artists use their imaginations freely without any restrictions creatively.

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