The Embroidered Dark Blouse (1936) by Henri Matisse

The Embroidered Dark Blouse - Henri Matisse - 1936

Artwork Information

TitleThe Embroidered Dark Blouse
ArtistHenri Matisse
Art MovementFauvism

About The Embroidered Dark Blouse

Henri Matisse, a renowned artist associated with the Fauvism art movement, created the portrait titled “The Embroidered Dark Blouse” in 1936. While Fauvism is known for its bold colors and strong painterly qualities, this particular artwork is a testament to Matisse’s evolving style, which by the mid-1930s had transformed into a more refined and mature approach. Despite this evolution, his use of vibrant colors and simplified forms is still evident in the artwork.

“The Embroidered Dark Blouse” displays a figure dressed elegantly in a dark blouse adorned with floral motifs, complemented by a stylish hat and a decorative necklace. The blouse’s intricate embroidery contrasts with the broad, flat areas of color found elsewhere in the composition. In keeping with the Fauvist penchant for color, Matisse selects a vivid yellow to dominate the background, providing a striking contrast to the dark tones of the blouse and the red accent of the adjacent mannequin. The subject’s composed facial expression and the firm set of the lips give a sense of strong character and poise, while the confident application of paint showcases Matisse’s mastery of form and color.

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