The End of the Story (1877) by Albert Joseph Moore

The End of the Story - Albert Joseph Moore - 1877; United Kingdom

Artwork Information

TitleThe End of the Story
ArtistAlbert Joseph Moore
Date1877; United Kingdom
Art MovementAcademicism
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About The End of the Story

“The End of the Story” is a painting by the British artist Albert Joseph Moore created in 1877, during the time of the United Kingdom’s Victorian era. This artwork is executed in oil on canvas, a common medium in traditional painting. Belonging to the movement of Academicism, which often emphasized formal rules and a polished technique over personal expression, the painting is categorized within the portrait genre.

The artwork presents a full-length portrait of a solitary woman standing against a floral patterned wall. She is draped in classical garments, possibly a stola or other ancient attire, consisting of a lime green tunic and a flowing white himation. The fabrics are rendered with a meticulous attention to the texture and fall of the material, highlighting Moore’s academic precision in the rendering of form and fabric. Her expression is contemplative or perhaps wistful as she gazes upwards and away from the viewer, evoking a sense of introspection or distant thought. In her right hand, she loosely holds a book or perhaps a scroll, which, combined with the title of the work, suggests the conclusion of a literary journey or narrative.

The artist has paid considerable detail to the decorative elements—the intricate floral pattern of the wall behind her and the detailed rug under her bare feet—tying the figure to a richly decorative aesthetic backdrop. This visual opulence is in keeping with the tastes of the Victorian era. Moreover, the woman’s jewelry and the delicate play of light on her face contribute to a sense of elegance and serenity that are hallmarks of Moore’s work.

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