The Entombment (1507) by Raphael

The Entombment - Raphael - 1507

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TitleThe Entombment
MediumOil on Panel
Dimensions184 x 176 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationBorghese Gallery, Rome, Italy

About The Entombment

The artwork titled “The Entombment” is a distinguished creation by the esteemed High Renaissance artist Raphael, completed in the year 1507. It is crafted using the medium of oil on panel and measures an impressive 184 x 176 cm. This religious painting forms part of the prestigious collection housed at the Borghese Gallery in Rome, Italy, where it has captivated viewers with its profound emotional resonance and exquisite artistic execution.

“The Entombment” showcases a somber scene from Christian religious narratives, conveying the moment of Jesus Christ’s body being carried to his tomb following the crucifixion. The composition is anchored by the lifeless form of Christ at its center, encompassed by a group of figures in deep mourning. Each individual in the artwork is rendered with meticulous attention to their emotional state, creating a palpable sense of grief and devotion. The figures are garbed in richly colored clothes, with drapery that elegantly reflects the mastery of Raphael in capturing the complexity of form and movement.

Raphael’s use of chiaroscuro imbues the scene with dramatic depth, while the landscape in the background extends the viewer’s gaze beyond the immediate tragedy, offering a serene and distant counterpoint to the central event. The use of perspective and the artist’s understanding of the human form are evident, consistent with the ideals of High Renaissance art that sought balance, harmony, and the perfection of nature’s imitation. Overall, “The Entombment” exemplifies the pinnacles of religious art from the period, reverberating with the emotional and spiritual fervor of its time while serving as a testament to Raphael’s enduring legacy as a master painter.

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