The Entombment (1507) by Raphael

The Entombment - Raphael - 1507

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Artwork Information

TitleThe Entombment
MediumOil on Panel
Dimensions184 x 176 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationBorghese Gallery, Rome, Italy
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About The Entombment

The Entombment is a significant oil painting created in 1507 by Raphael, one of the greatest masters of the Renaissance. This artwork is the central panel of an altarpiece commissioned by Atalanta Baglioni in memory of her son, Grifonetto Baglioni, who was murdered. The painting portrays the removal and burial of Jesus Christ’s body.

Raphael put much effort into creating this masterpiece; he extensively studied and developed various studies to achieve his artistic vision. Some studies reveal that he initially planned a more elaborate composition than what exists in the finished product. Instead, he opted for a serene and restrained composition with striking expressions on his subjects’ faces.

The Entombment is presently located in Galleria Borghese in Rome after being moved from its initial location at Baglioni’s Palace in Perugia. This venue offers visitors ample time to contemplate Raphael’s technical virtuosity while viewing this piece up close. Notably, The Entombment represents the best example of Renaissance artistry while tapping into universal emotions through nature-like movements and graceful lines that generate human feelings through pictorial means.

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