The Farm (La masia) (1921-22) by Joan Miro

The Farm (La masia) - Joan Miro - 1921-22

Artwork Information

TitleThe Farm (La masia)
ArtistJoan Miro
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions132 x 147 cm
Current LocationNational Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

About The Farm (La masia)

The Farm, a famous oil painting by Joan Miro completed between 1921-22, portrays the masia of his family in Mont-roig del Camp. The semi-Cubist and semi-realistic painting features elements inspired by his life experiences and artistic style. At its center stands an imposing eucalyptus tree that reflects Miró’s belief in the unity of nature that links all things.

After completing The Farm, Miró abandoned the realist style he used and developed a surrealist style characterized by automatism and abstraction. He continued to incorporate elements of his childhood home into his work, making it a standard for all his later art despite its intense vision.

Miró spent several summers in Catalonia’s scenic region, which significantly influenced his work as seen in The Farm. He worked on using any object he could find to apply paint to canvases like a gardener tending to plants. In doing so, Miró combined abstract art with surrealist fantasy and developed a unique body of artwork ranging from paintings to large bronze sculptures and ceramics.

In summary, Joan Miro’s masterpiece painting “The Farm” is an iconic piece created between 1921-22 that depicts childhood memories from Mont-roig del Camp while displaying semi-Cubist and semi-realistic rendering styles alongside surrealist themes later present throughout most of Miro’s career after this period.

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