The Flood-Gate at Optevoz (1859) by Charles-Francois Daubigny

The Flood-Gate at Optevoz - Charles-Francois Daubigny - 1859

Artwork Information

TitleThe Flood-Gate at Optevoz
ArtistCharles-Francois Daubigny
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions73 x 48.5 cm
Art MovementRealism
Current LocationMusee du Louvre, Paris
Location Created Grivoux / Optevoz, France

About The Flood-Gate at Optevoz

“The Flood-Gate at Optevoz” is an artwork by Charles-Francois Daubigny, created in 1859. This oil on canvas painting is a quintessential example of the Realism art movement. The artwork measures 73 cm by 48.5 cm and portrays a landscape genre scene. Currently, it is housed in the Musee du Louvre, Paris. The artwork was created in the regions of Grivoux or Optevoz, France.

The artwork presents a tranquil rural vista featuring a floodgate on what appears to be a small river or stream. The peaceful scene is bordered by lush greenery with a cluster of trees on an elevated bank, their leaves suggesting the vibrancy of natural life. The floodgate structure itself, with a wall and an open passageway for water, is situated on the right, forming a harmony between human-made infrastructure and the surrounding environment. The foreground is marked by gentle ripples of water reflecting the light, and a rocky embankment leading the eye towards the floodgate. The artist employs subtle yet impactful contrasts of light and shadow, nuanced textures, and a naturalistic palette to convey the serene atmosphere of this bucolic setting. Ducks can be seen paddling near the shore, adding to the idyllic character of this realistic depiction of the French countryside. The painting exudes a sense of calmness and simplicity, characteristic of Daubigny’s approach to landscape and his influence on later impressionist artists.

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