The Flower Carrier (1935) by Diego Rivera

The Flower Carrier - Rivera, Diego - 1935 - 2

Artwork Information

TitleThe Flower Carrier
ArtistDiego Rivera
MediumOil on Masonite,tempera
Dimensions121.9 x 121.3 cm
Art MovementArt Deco
Current LocationSan Francisco Museum of Modern Art
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About The Flower Carrier

The Flower Carrier is a renowned painting created by the Mexican artist, Diego Rivera, in 1935. Owned by SFMOMA, this masterpiece depicts a laborer carrying flowers and evokes the style of Vincent van Gogh with its vibrant colors and bold brushstrokes. As an artist of the Mexican Communist Party, Rivera often incorporated political symbolism into his works.

The painting includes several significant themes, including poverty and Mexican life. Flowers are an essential part of Mexico’s culture and symbolize purity, honor, and longevity. The workers carry these flowers daily to markets to sell them for their livelihoods. This painting portrays the hard work and sacrifice made by ordinary people to support their families.

Rivera’s artwork reflects his desire to promote social justice through his artistic expression. “The Flower Carrier” portrays Mexico as a land of oppression where people must struggle tirelessly for meager wages while others live in abundance. By highlighting society’s disparities in his paintings, Diego aimed to create awareness about these issues.

In summary, “The Flower Carrier” is not just a beautiful work of art but also has profound meaning behind it that promotes social justice for those living in poverty. The painting shows how ordinary people work hard every day to sustain themselves and their families in difficult situations while others live abundantly without regard for those less fortunate than they are.

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