The Flowing Hair (1952) by Henri Matisse

The Flowing Hair - Henri Matisse - 1952

Artwork Information

TitleThe Flowing Hair
ArtistHenri Matisse
Dimensions108 x 80 cm
Art MovementAbstract Expressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About The Flowing Hair

The artwork titled “The Flowing Hair” was created by the artist Henri Matisse in the year 1952. As a piece of abstract expressionism, it employs the mediums of gouache on paper. This particular work falls within the genre of nude painting (nu) and measures 108 by 80 centimeters in size. Currently, the artwork is held in a private collection.

“The Flowing Hair” by Matisse is characterized by its bold, fluid lines and vibrant blue color, set against a stark white background. The artwork’s composition is simplified and abstract, yet suggests the form of long hair flowing freely. There is a sense of movement and grace within the strokes, and the use of negative space plays a key role in the piece’s overall aesthetic, inviting viewers to fill in the gaps with their imagination. Despite the abstract approach, the essence of the subject is palpable, indicative of Matisse’s mastery in capturing form with minimal details.

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