The Fugitives (c. 1849-50) by Honoré Daumier

The Fugitives - Honoré Daumier - c. 1849-50

Artwork Information

TitleThe Fugitives
ArtistHonoré Daumier
Datec. 1849-50
MediumOil on panel
Dimensions16.2 x 28.7 cm
Current LocationMusee du Petit Palais, Paris

About The Fugitives

Honoré Daumier’s painting, “The Fugitives,” depicts refugees fleeing from their homes, possibly related to the Franco-Prussian war or the insurrection of the commune in France in 1870. The painting evokes a sense of chaos and desperation as families are shown huddled together, carrying their belongings and trying to escape. This artwork serves as a reminder of the impact of war on civilians and the displacement it can cause.

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