The Garden Terrace At Les Lauves (1902-06) by Paul Cezanne

The Garden Terrace At Les Lauves - Paul Cezanne - 1902-06

Artwork Information

TitleThe Garden Terrace At Les Lauves
ArtistPaul Cezanne
MediumPencil And Watercolor
Dimensions17 x 21 1/4 in. (43 x 54 cm)
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About The Garden Terrace At Les Lauves

The Garden at Les Lauves (Le Jardin des Lauves) is a painting created by the French artist, Paul Cézanne, around 1906. This masterpiece depicts the view from Cézanne’s studio terrace in Les Lauves towards the town. One of its notable features is the broad stroke of watercolor and distinctive profile of Mont Sainte-Victoire in the distance.

The painting resonates with structural solidity and compositional harmony that conveys pictorial space with lines parallel to the horizon giving breadth. It captures an essence of tranquility and simplicity, typical of Cézanne’s works. Notably, he built his studio in Les Lauves for its panoramic view of Provence where he spent the last years of his life.

Beyond this artwork, art experts often discuss Cézanne’s work in various locations, including the Lauves studio. Bunny Mellon was among art collectors who admired Cézanne’s gardens and work on simplicity in interior design.

In summary, The Garden at Les Lauves is a shining example of Paul Cèzanne’s works depicting life in Provence. Its serene atmosphere captured through structural architecture offers an impressionistic viewpoint into a landscape notable for his affection for nature and harmony evident via color choices or linear symmetry thoughtfully fitted together to provide bucolic visuals effortlessly echoing calmness wherever placed, including gallery spaces or even personal homes as admired by art-loving personalities like Bunny Mellon.

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