The Gates of Paradise (East Door) (1425-52) by Lorenzo Ghiberti

The Gates of Paradise (East Door) - Lorenzo Ghiberti - 1425-52

Artwork Information

TitleThe Gates of Paradise (East Door)
ArtistLorenzo Ghiberti
MediumBronze with gilding
Dimensions506 cm
Current LocationBaptistery, Florence

About The Gates of Paradise (East Door)

The Gates of Paradise is a magnificent artwork by Lorenzo Ghiberti, designed for the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Florence. They are a pair of gilded bronze doors that serve as the entrance to the east side, facing towards the cathedral itself. Created between 1425 and 1452, this masterpiece features ten richly decorated sculptural panels with scenes from the Old Testament.

Ghiberti’s work condensed passages from Genesis into coherent visual narratives that form an indispensable piece of fifteenth-century Italian art over hundreds of years. The sculpture is considered one of the finest examples of Late Gothic style sculptures in Italy during its time. The intricacy and beauty on each panel make it a must-see artwork that can leave anyone awestruck.

Michelangelo himself gave them their nickname, ‘the Gates of Paradise,’ due to their exceptional beauty and grandeur. Today, these gates are restored and displayed at the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo in Florence. Presently, they remain a testimony to Ghiberti’s artistic innovation and skillful craftsmanship which would inspire many subsequent works in their wake.

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