The Gipsy Madonna (1510 – 1511) by Titian

The Gipsy Madonna - Titian - 1510 - 1511

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TitleThe Gipsy Madonna
Date1510 - 1511
Dimensions83.5 x 65.8 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationKunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria

About The Gipsy Madonna

“The Gipsy Madonna” is an oil on canvas painting by the renowned artist Titian, dated between 1510 and 1511. As an exemplary work from the High Renaissance, the artwork’s dimensions measure 83.5 by 65.8 centimeters. Characterized as a religious painting, it currently resides in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria.

The artwork depicts the Virgin Mary, rendered with a gentle and serene expression, cradling the infant Jesus. Mary is attired in a richly colored red garment with a blue mantle enveloping her, traditional hues that symbolize divinity and purity. The Christ child, in a state of undress, stands supported by his mother’s arm, his pose relaxed and naturalistic, which may be reminiscent of the humanistic approach to religious subjects during the Renaissance. In the background, a lush and detailed landscape unfolds, suggesting a harmony between the sacred figures and the natural world. On the left, a pastoral scene adds depth and context to the painting. A carefully draped curtain to the right adds to the composition, providing a sense of domestic intimacy to the divine representation. The mastery of the artist is evident in the delicate rendering of textures and attention to the play of light, which gives the figures a soft and three-dimensional quality.

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