The Glebe Farm (c. 1830) by John Constable

The Glebe Farm - John Constable - c. 1830

Artwork Information

TitleThe Glebe Farm
ArtistJohn Constable
Datec. 1830
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions23 1/2 x 30 3/4 in (59.7 x 78.1 cm)
Current LocationTate Gallery, London

About The Glebe Farm

The Glebe Farm is a well-known artwork by John Constable. Created around 1830, it is an oil painting on canvas that measures 648 x 956 mm and is part of the Tate Collection. Constable was known for his interest in English countryside and changing atmospheric conditions, which is evident in this painting’s lush greenery and peacefulness.

French Impressionists admired The Glebe Farm as an example of outdoor painting as they followed Constable’s lead. The artwork was originally based on a small sketch that Constable had made many years prior. Today, the painting can be viewed virtually on the Mansion Historic Area Gardens Tombs Farm Distillery & Gristmill Museums Virtual Tour.

The Glebe Farm continues to be appreciated by art enthusiasts to date, with various forms of reproductions such as giclee prints and framed artworks already available. Its popularity stems from its realistic portrayal of rural life and serene atmosphere captured through skillful brushwork.

In summary, The Glebe Farm stands out among John Constable’s masterpieces, showcasing his expertise in capturing rural scenes’ tranquility with realism at its finest. Thanks to digital platforms like Mansion Historic Area Gardens Tombs Farm Distillery & Gristmill Museums Virtual Tour, lovers of the fine arts can now enjoy this masterpiece without leaving their homes while still marveling at its exceptional features personally.

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