The Green Blouse (1936) by Henri Matisse

The Green Blouse - Henri Matisse - 1936

Artwork Information

TitleThe Green Blouse
ArtistHenri Matisse
Art MovementFauvism

About The Green Blouse

The artwork titled “The Green Blouse,” was crafted by the renowned artist Henri Matisse in 1936. It represents a portrait executed in the Fauvism art movement, a style known for its bold use of color and expressive brushwork. Matisse’s contribution to this movement is evident in the vibrancy and non-naturalistic colors of this piece.

In the artwork, a figure is depicted leaning on a chair, resting their chin on their hand. The blouse, as highlighted in the title, is rendered in a rich shade of green, which stands out prominently against the contrasting colors of the background and complements the earthy tones of the chair. The subject wears a hat that casts a shadow over their forehead, adding a sense of depth and three-dimensionality to the composition. The environment around the subject is composed of expressive brushstrokes in a variety of colors, including purples, reds, and yellows, which create a dynamic and lively backdrop.

Matisse’s signature use of bold outlines is apparent in the delineation of the subject’s facial features and the contours of their clothing. The face is portrayed with a sense of calm and contemplation, features lightly defined yet capturing the essence of the subject’s character with minimal detail. Overall, the artwork is a testament to Matisse’s ability to balance intense color with a harmonious composition, encapsulating the principles of Fauvism and solidifying his legacy as a master colorist and portraitist.

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