The Gross Clinic (1875) by Thomas Eakins

The Gross Clinic - Thomas Eakins - 1875

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TitleThe Gross Clinic
ArtistThomas Eakins
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions198.12 x 243.84 cm
Art MovementRealism
Current LocationPhiladelphia Museum of Art
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About The Gross Clinic

The Gross Clinic is an iconic painting by Thomas Eakins, showcasing Dr. Samuel D. Gross performing surgery in front of a group of medical students. Completed in 1875, the painting was initially rejected from the 1876 Centennial Exhibition due to its graphic content. It has, however, gained recognition as one of the greatest American paintings ever created.

Eakins took great pride in his birthplace of Philadelphia and attending numerous lectures to create the composition for “The Gross Clinic.” This masterpiece reflects his scientific realism style and depicts the evolution of American medicine during the 19th century.

Dr. Samuel D. Gross was a renowned figure who pushed for cleaner surgical practices while pioneering developments such as antiseptic techniques during surgeries, which are showcased in this artwork. With bold strokes and colors that capture even the glistening blood on Dr. Gross’s hands and instruments, Eakins creates a visceral atmosphere that demonstrates impressive attention to detail.

“The Gross Clinic” is one of many works created by Thomas Eakins that had significant controversial themes at their time of invention but went on to gain acknowledgment for their skillful execution and technical merit – this particular piece is particularly notable for its tribute to modern medical advancements when painted over a century ago.

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