The Haircut (1936) by Aaron Bohrod

The Haircut - Aaron Bohrod - 1936

Artwork Information

TitleThe Haircut
ArtistAaron Bohrod
MediumOil On Gesso Panel
Dimensions35 x 25 in

About The Haircut

Aaron Bohrod was an American painter who made a name for himself with his range of work in watercolor and gouache that included realist figures in cityscapes, landscapes, surrealism, and trompe-l’oeil painting. In the 1950s, he developed the trompe-l’œil style of highly realistic, detailed still-life paintings which give an illusion of real life. Bohrod’s signature is often found below stone right on his artworks.

One of Bohrod’s most famous works is “The Haircut,” painted in 1936. The painting depicts a small-town barbershop with three men sitting in chairs waiting to have their hair cut by the barber. The painting uses warm colors and sharp lines to bring out the details of everything from the furniture to the tools on display. However, closer inspection reveals a darker tone lying beneath it all.

Bohrod’s attention to detail offers subtle hints about each character’s true nature. For instance, each man carries facial expressions that expose underlying emotions like jealousy or boredom as they sit almost expressionless beside one another while awaiting their turn for a haircut. Through “The Haircut,” Bohrod uses small-town life to expose weaknesses and cold-hearted self-interest inherent in social relationships – revealing tensions hidden just below society’s surface while still paying attention to detail and exceptional design technique.

In conclusion, Aaron Bohrod sought realism through detail in both composition and societal themes presented throughout his works such as “The Haircut.” His ability to showcase ordinary subjects through uniquely imaginative ways leaves room for deep contemplation on aspects previously set aside by those before him – making it no wonder his work can be seen at extraordinary art institutions like The Met Collection API today!

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