The Hands (1893) by Edvard Munch

The Hands - Edvard Munch - 1893

Artwork Information

TitleThe Hands
ArtistEdvard Munch
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions89 x 76.5 cm

About The Hands

Norwegian artist Edvard Munch’s lithograph creation, The Hands, explores his interests in partnerships, living and dying, and fear. The artwork was created in 1895 as part of a series called The Frieze of Life. Munch was known for his intense visual expression about human experiences related to anxiety, mortality and illness such as tuberculosis that claimed several lives from those close to him. Through his art pieces, he explored these ideas from different perspectives.

The Hands aligns with Munch’s concerns on various themes that he frequently discussed in many of his works. Critics have interpreted the artwork differently with some suggesting that it could reflect affection while others pointed towards despair or anxiety. Researchers note that the art piece may also represent existential struggle when viewed alongside other works by Munch such as The Scream.

In addition to creating The Hands, Edvard Munch is best known for his iconic Expressionist masterpiece “The Scream” which captures a figure screaming in agony. While much about the intention behind creating “The Hands” remains open to interpretation , it stands as valuable evidence into this innovative artist’s larger preoccupations .

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