The Italians (1961) by Cy Twombly

The Italians - Cy Twombly - 1961

Artwork Information

TitleThe Italians
ArtistCy Twombly
MediumOil, pencil, and Crayon on Canvas
Dimensions199.5 x 259.6 cm
Current LocationThe Museum of Modern Art, New York
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About The Italians

Cy Twombly’s painting Italians – Cy Twombly – 1961 provides a unique glimpse into the Italian culture and lifestyle of the time. The painting is full of vibrant color and energy, inviting viewers to explore Twombly’s playful use of form, line and color. Close examination reveals his wide range of choices and emphases, with alternating vertical lines, drips and daubs of paint creating various textures. As an aspect of the Italian culture, it is no surprise that this painting was part of his “Ferragosto” series which comprises six large-scale canvases.

The Four Seasons: Summer – Cy Twombly – 1994 is another masterpiece which offers a glimpse into Twombly’s creative genius. Here he utilizes free-flowing lines and splashes of bright blue pigment to simulate the soft rolling hills and warm sunrays that make up the summer months throughout Italy. In addition, he plays with lettering combined with washesof brushes strokes for atmosphere and further depth to the painting. His mastery in experimentation is seen through his individual use of scale variation in order to bring out texture created from mixed media applications such as wax or crayon with layers of oil paints.

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