The Jetties, Low Tide, Trouville (1896; France) by Eugene Boudin

The Jetties, Low Tide, Trouville - Eugene Boudin - 1896; France

Artwork Information

TitleThe Jetties, Low Tide, Trouville
ArtistEugene Boudin
Date1896; France
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About The Jetties, Low Tide, Trouville

The artwork titled “The Jetties, Low Tide, Trouville” is an exquisite landscape painting by Eugene Boudin, created in the year 1896 within the nation of France. The medium of this piece is oil, which allows the subtlety of light and color that is characteristic of the Impressionism movement to which Boudin’s work belongs. Housed within a private collection, this painting exemplifies the genre of landscape that Impressionist artists often explored, capturing the ephemeral qualities of nature.

In the artwork, viewers are presented with a seascape that highlights the ever-changing atmosphere of coastal light. The setting is Trouville, a town in Normandy renowned for its picturesque beaches and maritime character. Boudin’s artistry vividly brings to life the docks during low tide, where a series of boats appear moored or beached on the exposed sands. The foreground features a stretch of sand leading to the water, flanked by wooden jetties bracing against the elements.

Boats with sails gracefully inclined rest on the water or the wet sand, while others with hulls darkened by moisture or shadow add a visual weight to the composition. The scene is overcast with a complex sky, wherein Boudin masterfully employs a brume of greys, whites, and subtle blues to suggest a sky full of movement and the perhaps fleeting presence of sunlight.

The minute figures of people, scarcely but discernibly present on the jetties, contribute to the scale of the scene, invoking a sense of the daily lives that intersect with the natural rhythms of tide and time. Through Boudin’s brushwork, which combines both the precision required to suggest form and the looseness that imparts vibrancy, the artwork becomes a dynamic tableau, capturing the interplay of light, air, and water with deftness and sensitivity.

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