The Kitchen Maid (c. 1620) by Diego Velazquez

The Supper at Emmaus - Diego Velazquez - c. 1620

Artwork Information

TitleThe Supper at Emmaus
ArtistDiego Velazquez
Datec. 1620
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions55 x 118 cm
Current LocationNational Gallery of Ireland, Dublin

About The Supper at Emmaus

Diego Velazquez’s painting, The Kitchen Maid (c. 1620), is an early work by the artist that showcases his exceptional skill and technique. Also known as La mulata, La cocinera or Escena de cocina (Kitchen Scene), the painting depicts a young African woman working in a kitchen with finely rendered pots, jugs, and utensils surrounding her.

The scene appears natural and effortless, reflecting Velazquez’s proficiency as an artist even at this early stage in his career. The painting’s subject is a testament to the importance of domestic labor in society during this period.

The Kitchen Maid can be found in collections at both the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin. It remains one of Velazquez’s most celebrated works and provides visitors with a glimpse into everyday life during seventeenth-century Spain.

Overall, The Kitchen Maid is a remarkable artwork by Diego Velazquez that demonstrates his talent for capturing human experience through everyday scenes. Its composition serves as an excellent example of how artists used their skills to represent different aspects of society during the Baroque period.

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