The Lady of Shalott (1857) by William Holman Hunt

The Lady of Shalott - William Holman Hunt - 1857

Artwork Information

TitleThe Lady of Shalott
ArtistWilliam Holman Hunt
MediumOil on Canvas
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationEngraving for Moxon edition of Tennyson
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About The Lady of Shalott

William Holman Hunt’s painting, The Lady of Shalott, is a masterpiece that dates back to 1888-1905. The artwork is based on Alfred Tennyson’s 1833 poem and portrays the most critical moment of the story. The painting depicts Elaine lock in the tower under a curse never to gaze outside with one’s eyes. This iconic representation uses Pre-Raphaelite detail incorporating Arthurian legend and Tennyson’s poetry to reflect romance.

As co-founder of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Hunt was well-versed in his signature style reflected in this painting at Manchester Art Gallery. Although he created an engraving for Tennyson’s earlier poetry book, it was not until years later that Hunt painted what became a prominent subject among his works’ repertoire. He signed this oil-on-canvas beautiful creation with his monogram.

This finest piece was reworked from an illustration of an edition of Tennyson’s work published in 1857 and turned out to be Hunt’s final masterpiece before he passed away in 1910. In summary, William Holman Hunt has left behind an unforgettable legacy known for its unparalleled use of romanticism style evident in every brushstroke on this canvas.

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