The Lamentation (c. 1609-11) by Peter Paul Rubens

The Lamentation - Peter Paul Rubens - c.1606

Artwork Information

TitleThe Lamentation
ArtistPeter Paul Rubens
Dimensions28 x 24 cm
Art MovementBaroque
Current LocationCummer Museum of Art and Gardens, Jacksonville, FL, US
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About The Lamentation

The Lamentation, created by Peter Paul Rubens around 1609-11, is an oil on panel painting measuring 34 x 27 cm. The artwork portrays a scene of grief-stricken women- the Virgin and Mary Magdalene standing behind the naked body of Christ on a bier.

Rubens was known to explore religious themes in his art and this painting is one of his many interpretations of The Lamentation of Christ. Through this piece, Rubens aimed to take a different approach by presenting impactful emotions from the characters surrounding Christ’s dead body with striking color contrasts, movement, and emotional intensity.

The painting forms part of the Staatliche Museen collection based in Berlin. Although portrayed as lamenting over Jesus’ death, one can view it as representing sorrow for an individual or humanity’s loss. Ruben’s legacy lies in his ability to convey emotions through art and The Lamentation stands as a testament to that unique gift he possessed.

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