The Last Supper (1523) by Albrecht Durer

The Last Supper - Albrecht Durer - 1523

Artwork Information

TitleThe Last Supper
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationAlbertina, Vienna, Austria
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About The Last Supper

Albrecht Durer’s rendition of “The Last Supper,” completed in 1523, stands as a significant work within the context of the Northern Renaissance and the religious upheavals of the time. Durer, renowned for his printmaking skills and detailed artwork, infused this piece with the burgeoning ideas of the Protestant Reformation. Art historians often interpret Durer’s “The Last Supper” as an embodiment of early Evangelical or Protestant concepts within a Europe still largely under Catholic influence.

This interpretation is rooted in the historical context of the period, where reformers challenging the established Church were frequently branded as heretics and could face severe punishment, including execution. Durer’s artwork, therefore, is not just a religious representation but also a subtle commentary on the religious tensions and intellectual currents of his era.

Durer’s “The Last Supper” is one of his final pieces, showcasing his mastery over capturing textures, surfaces, and light, which had already transformed printmaking into an art form on par with painting and sculpture. His technical prowess and innovative approach to subject matter are evident in this work, which has been admired across Europe for its artistic merit and depth of meaning.

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