The Lime-burner (1859) by James Whistler

The Lime-burner - James Whistler - 1859

Artwork Information

TitleThe Lime-burner
ArtistJames Whistler
MediumEtching And Drypoint Printed In Black Ink On Cream Laid Paper With Watermark Of Bricked Arch In Shield Surrounded By Stylized Foliage

About The Lime-burner

James Whistler’s piece of artwork “The Lime-burner” was created in 1859 through etching and drypoint on paper. The piece focuses on William Jones, a lime-burner at work in his yard, providing an insight into the humble businesses of the era. Whistler uses architecture to frame the scene, presenting a well-balanced composition.

Influenced by Charles Baudelaire’s emphasis on taking subjects from modern life, Whistler strives to forge direct connections with his subject matter. This approach is exemplified in “The Lime-burner,” which showcases Jones laboring amid his tools and materials against a backdrop of industrial structures.

Whistler’s piece offers significant insights into 19th-century English industry by portraying a typical working-class job using traditional techniques while incorporating modern components like the factories that surround it. The artwork successfully captures the essence of industry and provides insight into what it would have been like to work during that period in history.

In conclusion, “The Lime-burner” is not only an impressive piece of art but also an accurate representation of 19th-century England’s industrial landscape captured through straightforward imagery and refined technique.

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