The Long Leg (c.1930) by Edward Hopper

The Long Leg - Edward Hopper - c.1930

Artwork Information

TitleThe Long Leg
ArtistEdward Hopper
Dimensions76.8 x 50.8 cm
Art MovementNew Realism
Current LocationHuntington Library, San Marino, CA, US

About The Long Leg

The artwork titled “The Long Leg” is a creation of Edward Hopper, dating back to circa 1930. This piece was crafted using oil on canvas and is categorized under the marina genre within the New Realism art movement. The artwork measures 76.8 x 50.8 cm and is currently housed at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California, United States.

“The Long Leg” is a coastal scene that captures a sailboat with its sails fully extended, gliding through the blue waters. In the backdrop, a lighthouse accompanied by small, white buildings situates itself upon a stretch of sandy terrain. The sky is executed in a pale blue, expressing the tranquility of a clear day. Hopper’s precise handling of light and shadow imparts a serene and somewhat solitary atmosphere to the scene, which is characteristic of his oeuvre. The dominate blue of the sea juxtaposes with the warm beige of the sand, manifesting a striking yet harmonious contrast, which is a testament to Hopper’s skill in manipulating color to evoke mood and depth. Overall, “The Long Leg” is emblematic of Hopper’s talent for transforming everyday scenes into profound, contemplative experiences.

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