The Man with the Golden Helmet (after Rembrandt) (1969) by Pablo Picasso

The Man with the Golden Helmet (after Rembrandt) - Pablo Picasso - 1969

Artwork Information

TitleThe Man with the Golden Helmet (after Rembrandt)
ArtistPablo Picasso
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions145.5 x 114 cm
Current LocationPrivate collection

About The Man with the Golden Helmet (after Rembrandt)

The painting Mann mit dem goldene helmet, by Pablo Picasso after Rembrandt, is a remarkable example of Dutch Golden Age painting. It is currently part of the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin’s collection and has been a subject of constant debate throughout the years. Its authorship and the authenticity of the copy taken as the original are heavily discussed topics, yet there is no clear answer as to what is truly the real artwork.

What makes this painting so popular over time is its abundance in symbolism. While some interpretations differ from person to person, most agree on one thing – that this picture encapsulates something extraordinary. From its exploration of attributes such as bravery and wealth to its celebration of individuality, The Man With The Golden Helmet has been praised by many for its thought-provoking implications.

The painting made by Pablo Picasso after Rembrandt had a strong influence on his own work, particularly in his 1932 painting ‘The Dream’. At first glance, one can easily see that they share certain similarities in terms of composition and color palettes used. Some people might even consider ‘The Dream’ as an extension or sequel of ‘The Man With The Golden Helmet’ due to their obvious connections when viewed side by side. This further enhances the influence that Rembrandt’s work has on Picasso’s artistry and solidifies its standing as a renowned European masterpiece.

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