The Mansard Roof (1923) by Edward Hopper

The Mansard Roof - Edward Hopper - 1923

Artwork Information

TitleThe Mansard Roof
ArtistEdward Hopper
MediumWatercolor on Paper
Dimensions50.8 x 35.6 cm
Art MovementNew Realism
Current LocationBrooklyn Museum, New York City, NY, US

About The Mansard Roof

“The Mansard Roof,” created by Edward Hopper in 1923, is a work of art that exemplifies the genre of cityscape within the New Realism movement. The medium of this artwork is watercolor on paper, and it measures 50.8 x 35.6 cm. Currently, the artwork is housed in the Brooklyn Museum, located in New York City, NY, US.

The artwork depicts a house characterized by a distinctive mansard roof, rendered in a palette that creates an interplay of light and shadow. The architectural form is captured with a degree of specificity that is typical of Hopper’s attention to detail and his capacity to convey the unique qualities of built structures. The surrounding vegetation and the play of sunlight across the surfaces further emphasize the quiet, solitary atmosphere often found in Hopper’s work. The color choices and the application of watercolor contribute to the piece’s overall mood, highlighting Hopper’s skill in utilizing this medium to evoke a sense of place and time.

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