The Marriage at Cana (1562–1563) by Paolo Veronese

The Marriage at Cana - Paolo Veronese - 1562–1563

Artwork Information

TitleThe Marriage at Cana
ArtistPaolo Veronese
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions457 x 207 cm
Art MovementMannerism (Late Renaissance)
Current LocationGemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden, Germany
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About The Marriage at Cana

The Marriage at Cana is a painting by Paolo Veronese, created between 1573-1575. It is a Mannerist painting that measures 666 x 990 cm and falls under the genre of Religious. The subject of the painting is the extraordinary banquet at Cana, which described the miracle of Christ changing water into wine. This remarkable work of art can be found in The Louvre in Paris.

Veronese’s Marriage at Cana utilizes bright colors to highlight an excessive silvery-gold decor. In this masterpiece, figures reflecting a variety of classes and ages appear in what looks like an eternally suspended moment of excitation and anticipation set against an architecture surrounded by grand terraces cascading with opulent draperies, plants, large columns and arches.

Overall, this piece by Veronese captivates viewers with its beauty and scale making it a key artwork in the Mannerist period. Another artwork from his portfolio that should come to mind is Allegory Of Wisdom And Strength – Paolo Veronese – C. 1580. This stunning oil painting features characters on horses running along with mystical creatures in a dreamscape landscape. Its vibrant colors characterizes Veronese’s distinct style while accurately capturing the sense of wisdom and strength symbolism so it can be admired even today.

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