The Meadow of San Isidro on his Feast Day (1788) by Francisco Goya

The Meadow of San Isidro on his Feast Day - Francisco Goya - 1788

Artwork Information

TitleThe Meadow of San Isidro on his Feast Day
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions44 x 94 cm
Art MovementRomanticism

About The Meadow of San Isidro on his Feast Day

The artwork titled “The Meadow of San Isidro on his Feast Day” is an oil on canvas painting created by the illustrious artist Francisco Goya in 1788. As an exemplar of the Romanticism movement, this genre painting measures 44 x 94 cm. The scene captures the vibrant festivities on the feast day of San Isidro, Madrid’s patron saint.

In the artwork, we observe a panoramic view of a bustling meadow teeming with life and celebration. The horizon is dominated by the skyline of Madrid, with architectural features distinctly portrayed, giving the scene a sense of place and time. The foreground is animated with groups of well-dressed festive-goers who seem to be enjoying the open air and social interactions. Light appears to play a significant role in this composition, with the juxtaposition of the shadowy foreground and the luminous background suggesting the time of day and enhancing the sense of depth and atmosphere. Goya’s treatment of the figures and landscape with loose brushstrokes and a vibrant yet earthy palette exemplifies the Romantic movement’s emphasis on emotion and the glorification of nature and human life.

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