The Migration Series, Panel No. 57 (1940-41) by Jacob Lawrence

The Migration Series, Panel No. 57 - Jacob Lawrence - 1940-41

Artwork Information

TitleThe Migration Series, Panel No. 57
ArtistJacob Lawrence
MediumTempera on masonite
Dimensions18 x 12 in. (45.7 x 30.5 cm)
Current LocationThe Phillips Collection, Washington

About The Migration Series, Panel No. 57

Panel No. 57 of Jacob Lawrence’s epic “Migration Series” is a painting that portrays the struggles of female domestic workers in the South as the last group to arrive in the North during the Great Migration. The painting depicts a laundrette, with a pile of colorful textiles in front, which represents their laborious work.

Lawrence painted all 60 panels simultaneously, ensuring consistency in his color palette. His “Migration Series” is an iconic collection of paintings that tells the story of black life in America and is considered one of modern art’s most moving works. Lawrence was well known for his artistic style that blended elements from different art movements such as Harlem Renaissance and Social Realism.

The public acceptance of this series has been strong since first shown, demonstrating its continuing relevance. Produced between 1940-41 when Jacob Lawrence was aged just 23 years old, it quickly became an important artistic commentary on political and social issues addressed by millions during The Great Migration era.

Overall Panel No.57 shows us how female domestic workers struggled during migration and reflect other societal aspects prevalent at the time uncovered by other sections across Lawrence’s wider masterpiece series: **CLEARLY ADD FACTUAL KNOWLEDGE HERE**

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