The Miracle of the Jealous Husband (1511) by Titian

The Miracle of the Jealous Husband - Titian - 1511

Artwork Information

TitleThe Miracle of the Jealous Husband
Dimensions340 x 185 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance

About The Miracle of the Jealous Husband

“The Miracle of the Jealous Husband” is an esteemed artwork by the illustrious artist Titian, dated to the year 1511. Executed in the medium of fresco, this prominent piece belongs to the High Renaissance art movement and is renowned for its dramatic content and form. The fresco, with dimensions of 340 x 185 cm, is categorized as a genre painting and forms part of the Frescoes in the Scuola del Santo series.

The artwork presents a moment of intense drama and emotion. The central scene depicts a man, outfitted in a red and white garment, wielding a knife in an act of violence towards a woman clad in orange, who lies on the ground in a vulnerable position. The expression on the woman’s face is one of distress and fear, and her arms seem to ineffectually protect her from the impending harm. The man’s stance and facial expression are filled with anger and aggressive intent, capturing the dynamics of a tragic conflict.

In the background of the composition, other figures can be seen observing the scene, adding to the narrative context and emotional depth of the work. One can sense an air of tension and anticipation surrounding the outcome of the confrontation. The use of chiaroscuro enhances the three-dimensionality of the figures and creates a striking contrast between light and shadow, adding to the theatrical effect of the piece.

The landscape in the backdrop with its muted tones and serene setting contrasts starkly with the violence in the foreground, further emphasizing the turmoil and passion of the depicted episode. This juxtaposition is a hallmark of the Renaissance period, as is the attention to the anatomical accuracy and the psychological intensity conveyed through the figures’ postures and expressions.

The fresco itself is housed within a highly decorative architectural frame, which enriches the overall viewing experience and enshrines the artwork as a valuable historical and artistic testament of its time.

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