The Miracle of the Newborn Child (1511) by Titian

The Miracle of the Newborn Child - Titian - 1511

Artwork Information

TitleThe Miracle of the Newborn Child
Dimensions340 x 355 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance

About The Miracle of the Newborn Child

The artwork “The Miracle of the Newborn Child” is a fresco by the renowned High Renaissance artist Titian, completed in 1511. Its significant dimensions measure 340 x 355 cm and it forms a part of the series of frescoes in the Scuola del Santo. Executed as a genre painting, the fresco vividly portrays a scene imbued with the grandeur characteristic of the period’s artistic achievements.

In the artwork, the central scene is focused on a newborn child. The composition is divided into two main groupings of figures, with the left side showing a cluster of common people in various poses and the right side depicting more well-dressed figures, suggesting a distinction in social status. A kneeling figure cradles the infant at the center, the focal point of the gathering, while the surrounding characters seem to express a mix of astonishment, reverence, and curiosity. A standing pair on the right side engages in conversation, underscoring the communicative aspect of the narrative.

The use of perspective draws the viewer’s eye into the depth of the painting, with architectural elements like the archway on the left and the tree line on the right framing the scene. The fresco’s palette seems muted, with subtle color variations contributing to a harmonious yet understated overall effect. This piece is exemplary of Titian’s skill in marrying the depiction of the human form with the portrayal of complex emotions, a testament to his mastery during the High Renaissance.

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