The Misfortunes Of Silenus (c. 1505-1510) by Piero Di Cosimo

The Misfortunes Of Silenus - Piero Di Cosimo - c. 1505-1510

Artwork Information

TitleThe Misfortunes Of Silenus
ArtistPiero Di Cosimo
Datec. 1505-1510
MediumOil On Panel

About The Misfortunes Of Silenus

Piero di Cosimo’s painting, The Misfortunes of Silenus is a work of art that showcases the artist’s love for fantasy and hybrid forms. The piece features Silenus, a rural god in Greek mythology renowned for his prophetic insight, as he interacts with wasps. The painting depicts Silenus disturbing a wasp’s nest and subsequently suffering misfortunes such as falling from his donkey, being kicked by an ass, and stung by wasps.

Piero di Cosimo is known for his mythological paintings that incorporate imagination and romance. His works feature peculiar animal-human hybrids that exhibit his artistic flair. The Misfortunes of Silenus is one of Piero di Cosimo’s most famous works due to its unique depiction of human-animal interactions.

The painting currently resides at the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University; however, its significance extends beyond its location. It displays Piero di Cosimo’s artistic talent in blending real-life experiences with ancient myths and legends. This historic piece continues to captivate viewers worldwide centuries after its creation.

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