The Mother of Sisera Looked out a Window (1861) by Albert Joseph Moore

The Mother of Sisera Looked out a Window - Albert Joseph Moore - 1861; United Kingdom

Artwork Information

TitleThe Mother of Sisera Looked out a Window
ArtistAlbert Joseph Moore
Date1861; United Kingdom
Art MovementAcademicism
Current LocationTullie House Museum and Art Gallery
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About The Mother of Sisera Looked out a Window

“The Mother of Sisera Looked out a Window” is an oil on canvas painting by artist Albert Joseph Moore, created in 1861 in the United Kingdom. This piece is a representation of Academicism, an art movement associated with the standards of the French Académie des Beaux-Arts. It falls within the genre of portrait painting.

The artwork captures the evocative image of Sisera’s mother as she appears to gaze out of a window with a look of anticipation or concern on her face. Her profile is well defined, showcasing her prominent nose, gentle chin, and expressive eyes directed towards the distance. She rests her delicate fingers against the wooden frame of the window, partially obscured by a geometric lattice design, which adds an intricate textural juxtaposition to the otherwise smooth depiction of her skin and garments.

Adorning her visage is a notable piece of jewelry, a necklace with multiple strands of beads, which terminates in a detailed pendant that rests against her chest. This element of her attire not only adds ornamental detail to the composition but also suggests a status or cultural context to the figure. There’s a sense of narrative about the figure, as if captured in a moment of silent contemplation or watchful waiting, aligned with the tales from history or literature that inspired such works during the artist’s era. The painting’s mood is evocative, charged with a quiet drama that invites viewers to reflect upon the story being told.

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