The Mother of Sisera Looked out a Window (1861) by Albert Joseph Moore

The Mother of Sisera Looked out a Window - Albert Joseph Moore - 1861; United Kingdom

Artwork Information

TitleThe Mother of Sisera Looked out a Window
ArtistAlbert Joseph Moore
Date1861; United Kingdom
Art MovementAcademicism
Current LocationTullie House Museum and Art Gallery

About The Mother of Sisera Looked out a Window

The artwork titled “The Mother of Sisera Looked out a Window” was created by the artist Albert Joseph Moore in 1861 within the boundaries of the United Kingdom. This oil on canvas portrait is an exemplification of the Academicism art movement and is currently housed at the Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery.

The artwork depicts a poised, elegant female figure, evoking the classical style intrinsic to Academic art. The subject gazes outwards with a contemplative expression, suggesting a narrative or story behind her watchful eyes. She appears to be leaning on a window, with her fingers delicately perched against the frame, which provides an architectural boundary and frame for her profile. The attention to fine details is evident in the intricate lace-like carving of the window and the realistic portrayal of her clothing and jewelry, which adds texture and a sense of depth to the composition. The artwork successfully captures the tension of expectation and the subdued emotion of a moment frozen in time, consistent with the storytelling tradition of the Academicism movement.

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