The Mountain Le Canigou (1921) by Juan Gris

The Mountain Le Canigou - Gris, Juan - 1921 - 2

Artwork Information

TitleThe Mountain Le Canigou
ArtistJuan Gris
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions65 x 100 cm
Art MovementCubism
Current LocationAlbright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY, US
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About The Mountain Le Canigou

Juan Gris’ The Mountain Le Canigou, which was completed in 1921, is a painting that presents a spectacular view from his hotel room window in Ceret, France. It depicts the majestic mountain called Le Canigou, which looms in the distance. The painting has been modified to add splashes of color to some of the elements such as the trees and sky. This creates a perfect contrast between the light blues and whites with the streaks of yellow and green.

Gris captures this naturally beautiful landscape with incredible detail and delicacy. He does a fantastic job at conveying the sheer magnitude of this mountainous terrain by adding large expanses of lighter tones along with subtle brushstrokes that bring out hidden textures and shapes. Each unique element combines together to form an awe-inspiring mountain landscape that is captivating and serene.

The Mountain Le Canigou is an excellent example of Juan Gris’ exceptional artistic skill as an impressionist painter. It adds a glimpse into his artistry with its subtle brushwork, unique compositions, and carefully chosen colors which draw viewers’ eyes towards certain points in the painting while they still enjoy its overall aesthetic beauty. As one of his many masterpieces, this piece stands out as it displays both Gris’ skillful technique as well as his appreciation for nature’s marvels.

Another artistic feat from Juan Gris is The Guitar (1918). With entrancing geometric forms and intersecting lines, this cubist masterpiece illustrates Gris’ complete understanding of color and composition when it comes to creating successful artworks worth looking at it again and again over time.

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