The Mourning of Christ (c. 1305) by Giotto

The Mourning of Christ - Giotto - c.1304 - c.1306

Artwork Information

TitleThe Mourning of Christ
Datec.1304 - c.1306
Dimensions200 x 185 cm
Art MovementProto Renaissance
Current LocationScrovegni (Arena) Chapel, Padua, Italy
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About The Mourning of Christ

Giotto di Bondone’s Lamentation (The Mourning of Christ) is a fresco painted in c.1305 and part of his notable cycle of the Life of Christ on the north interior wall of the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Italy. Giotto was a Florentine artist from the late Gothic and Proto-Renaissance period, recognized for his artistic talent from an early age. The Scrovegni Chapel was built as a private place of worship by the Scrovegni family beside the Eremitani Monastery and consecrated in 1305.

The painting depicts an emotional story about Christ’s crucifixion where mourning, death, and resurrection are conveyed through stylized figures with traditional Byzantine iconography. The landscape surrounding them tells their tale; it frames them in grief yet exhibits hope at every turn. Giotto combined traditional Byzantine painting techniques with three-dimensional images to create this masterpiece that showcases Early Renaissance art.

As one of Christianity’s most common subjects represented in art pieces such as sculptures or paintings, Giotto’s ability to translate three-dimensionality into two-dimensional space gives his artwork a realism that captures grief so sharply. His innovative use of composition skillfully shows emotions on display within the scene, adding emotional depth to an already heavy subject.

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