The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine (c. 1526-27) by Correggio

The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine - Correggio - 1525 - 1528

Artwork Information

TitleThe Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine
Date1525 - 1528
MediumOil on wood
Dimensions210.2 x 147.9 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationParma National Gallery, Parma, Italy
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About The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine

The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine is a painting by the Italian artist Antonio da Correggio, created around the mid-1520s. This painting can be viewed in the Louvre in Paris. Additionally, Correggio completed another painting of a similar theme in c.1510-1511, which can be found in the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

The painting centers around a Metterza, with St. Catherine of Alexandria kneeling before them. The saints Francis of Assisi and Dominic are depicted on either side. The painting was created for private devotional purposes and was commissioned by a patron. The infant Christ is depicted placing a ring on St. Catherine’s finger during a vision of a ‘mystic marriage’.

The painting is known for expressing Correggio’s feminine ideal and was widely imitated in the 19th century. A copy of the artwork by Correggio is available in the John G. Johnson Collection. Overall, The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine portrays an important scene in religious history through Correggio’s skillful use of religious iconography and his unique artistic style.

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