The Nose (1947) by Alberto Giacometti

The Nose - Alberto Giacometti - 1949 - 1964

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TitleThe Nose
ArtistAlberto Giacometti
Date1949 - 1964
Dimensions32 3/8 x 16 5/8 x 16 in. (82 x 42 x 40.5 cm)
Art MovementSurrealism
Current LocationSolomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City, NY, US

About The Nose

“The Nose” is a striking sculpture created by the renowned artist Alberto Giacometti between 1949 and 1964. Crafted from bronze, wire, and steel, this artwork represents a phase in Giacometti’s career when he was associated with Surrealism. Measuring approximately 32 3/8 x 16 5/8 x 16 inches (82 x 42 x 40.5 cm), the sculpture is part of the collection at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City, NY, USA.

The artwork presents a distinctively elongated form suspended within a metal framework. At one end, a bulbous formation resembling a head can be discerned, from which a long, thin “nose” extends outward, seemingly defying gravity. The surface texture of the sculpture is rough and seemingly unfinished, typical of Giacometti’s post-World War II style, which emphasized existential themes and the fragility of the human condition. Throughout, there is a sense of abstraction and distortion which is emblematic of Surrealist art, provoking thought and interpretation about the human experience and perception.

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