The nymph Galatea (c. 1512-14) by Raphael

The nymph Galatea - Raphael - c. 1512-14

Artwork Information

TitleThe nymph Galatea
Datec. 1512-14
Dimensions295 x 225 cm (116 x 88 1/2 in.)
Current LocationVilla Farnesina, Rome

About The nymph Galatea

Raphael’s masterpiece, The Nymph of Galatea, is an oil painting depicting Galatea, a sea-nymph from Greek mythology. The painting was done in Villa Farnesina, Rome between 1512-14. In the artwork, Galatea stands on a clam shell chariot being drawn by two dolphins with a flowing red robe.

It is interesting to note that Raphael crafted Galatea’s image based on ideal beauty instead of using any one female model. This emphasizes the idealization of women during that period in history. Another artwork featuring Galatea by Raphael is The Triumph of Galatea fresco which depicts her apotheosis.

Raphael was an Italian artist born in Urbino and studied under Pietro Perugino where he surpassed his master’s talent. He depicted nymphs and tritons surrounding Galatea on her giant seashell with three putti drawing their bows creating movement in the art piece. Today The Loggia of Galatea is named after the artwork at Villa Farnesina repeatedly referred to as being riotous showing how significant this piece became not just for Rome but for other parts of Italy as well.

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