The Outlier (1909) by Frederic Remington

The Outlier - Frederic Remington - 1909

Artwork Information

TitleThe Outlier
ArtistFrederic Remington
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions40 x 27 inches
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationThe Brooklyn Museum, New York

About The Outlier

The artwork titled “The Outlier,” created by Frederic Remington in 1909, is an oil on canvas painting. As part of the Impressionism art movement, it features dimensions of 40 x 27 inches. Classified as a portrait, this piece is housed at The Brooklyn Museum in New York.

The artwork presents a Native American figure perched upon a horse. The character is facing left and seems to be gazing into the distance. This figure appears contemplative or vigilant, possibly surveying the landscape or looking out for something specific. With the soft glow of a round, yellow orb that suggests the setting or rising sun in the background, the artwork captures a tranquil yet evocative moment in time. The color palette is subdued, primarily consisting of warm earth tones that harmonize with the suggestion of natural light. The brushwork is consistent with the Impressionist style, with visible strokes conveying texture and vibrancy in the scene. The attire of the figure and the adornment on the horse convey a cultural context and add to the narrative quality of the piece. Overall, “The Outlier” is an atmospheric portrait that invites contemplation about the scene and its historical and cultural implications.

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