The Painter’s Window (1925) by Juan Gris

The Painter's Window - Juan Gris - 1925

Artwork Information

TitleThe Painter's Window
ArtistJuan Gris
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions100 x 81 cm
Art MovementSynthetic Cubism
Current LocationBaltimore Museum of Art (BMA), Baltimore, MD, US

About The Painter's Window

“The Painter’s Window,” a work by Juan Gris from 1925, is an oil on canvas piece and a quintessential example of Synthetic Cubism. The artwork measures 100 x 81 cm and falls within the genre of still life. It currently resides in the collection of the Baltimore Museum of Art in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

The artwork is a complex composition that exemplifies the characteristics of Synthetic Cubism, a later phase of Cubism which is known for its construction of images and forms from distinct parts or elements. In this painting, Gris presents a network of geometric shapes and overlapping planes that suggest the form of a window and other objects. The use of colors is restrained but purposeful, with shades of brown, black, red, blue, and white contributing to the creation of a fragmented yet harmonious space.

Prominent in the artwork is the depiction of a window that invites the viewer’s eye to move through the canvas and explore the interplay between interior and exterior. The presence of a pear and what appears to be a folded newspaper or sheets of paper tucked into a table offers a nod to traditional still life elements, reimagined through the lens of Cubism. This juxtaposition of familiar objects with a radical style underscores the innovative approach Juan Gris brought to his artistic practice, challenging the conventions of perspective and representation.

Overall, “The Painter’s Window” is a striking example of Gris’s sophisticated use of the Cubist language, integrating form, color, and texture to create a composition that is both analytical and stimulating to the perceptions of the viewer.

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