The Party goes on (2018) by Corinna Mayer

The Party goes on - Corinna Mayer - 2018

Artwork Information

TitleThe Party goes on
ArtistCorinna Mayer
MediumOil on Canvas

About The Party goes on

“The Party goes on,” an evocative oil on canvas work by Corinna Mayer, was completed in 2018. The piece measures 39.4 by 55.1 inches and is firmly placed within the fantasy genre. It draws upon surrealism, an art movement known for its dream-like visual explorations beyond the bounds of reality.

The artwork depicts a group of characters engaged in social interaction, unified by a predominantly red color palette. The figures vary in posture and expression, suggesting a narrative amidst a gathering or party. Some individuals are seated, while others stand in the background, arranged in a manner that might suggest different layers of conversation and engagement.

A notable feature of the piece is the painterly technique, where the smooth gradation of tones and the use of light and shadow imbue the scene with a sense of dimensionality and volume. The faces of the characters bear a stylized resemblance to classical portraiture, yet there is an undeniable twist of surrealism in their proportions and the way they merge with each other, emphasizing the fantastical nature of the artwork.

The spatial arrangement within the artwork is intriguing; some figures are given prominence through size and placement, while others appear to recede into smaller spaces in the composition. This spatial play contributes to the surreal atmosphere, prompting viewers to question the reality of the scene and the relationships between the characters.

Overall, “The Party goes on” serves as a visual metaphor, perhaps commenting on societal roles, personal interactions, or the multifaceted layers of human gatherings. Its surrealistic elements invite viewers to delve deeper into the canvas, discovering the nuanced emotions and potential narratives that Mayer has so thoughtfully embedded within her work.

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